We are Bloopark

Customized projects in Odoo

We specialize in Odoo, creating and customizing the best platform for each and every project. Our goal: Beautiful, effective and responsive e-commerce websites.


Odoo is the new Openerp platform, and it is more than just an ERP, it’s a suite of business apps that improves all processes involved in the e‑commerce. We build shops and platforms intelligently design to give customers the best and efficient shopping experience, every feature is designed according to the project and customer’s needs. In Bloopark, we have the experience and work quality to create the best e‑commerce platform a customer would imagine.


Custom Odoo Apps

OneStepCheckout, Custom Sales Plugin, Product Configurator, Product Variants handling, Backend customization, Shipment, Payment, and more.

Setup & Consulting

We provide Consulting, Configuration and Setup of necessary apps for your odoo project, such as accounting, marketing, mailing, sales.

Custom Layout

The new Odoo allows you to create the layout of your site with Website Builder. We create your custom theme and you build your site.

Integrate & Connect

When needed, we connect your shop with external applications or third‑party services like payment or shipment.

Cluster & Hosting

Along with the setup we provide the cloud hosting or clustering to keep your shop running full speed and available 24/7.

Support & Maintenance

Once your site is live and running, we give support and maintenance to ensure that everything is working as it’s meant to.

Other related Services

A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.


Bloopark's Approach

Some of our Projects

Responsive, attractive, UX optimised

Openerp and Magento online shop

Based in Openerp, fully integrated with Magento Enterprise, and customizations to adapt the system to the shop's needs

www.celticgold.eu »


Web platform and Mobile app

A Social platform with optimisation from UI Design to Administration and user‑data handling.

www.date4sports.com »

About Bloopark

We are an internet agency and Odoo partners based in Magdeburg, Germany with over 10 years of experience in e‑commerce, responsive design and development. We consider our selves and A-team, small and efficient. With remote developers all across de world, we pride ourselves of our wide perspective and approach in every challenge, which leads to the best customer-oriented solutions.

Bloopark's Team